Branching in assessment

Just found this great App on the AppStore while writing a discussion thread on LinkedIn about assessment.

Branching in assessment

Should we be considering how we branch, not only in our training programme but in assessment too. Not just a simple branch, click A and go left, click B and go right, but based on either:

a) I ask a question with a few answers that all are all correct but based on your decision decides on the next questions? So not scoring but judging thought pattern.

b) I track your answer not by what you click but by how you answer it. Did you change your mind in the proccess, how long did you have to think about it?

Do we have the resource and time to understand the responses we get or the psychological meaning of the responses?

In case you were wondering about the App?

It’s called Blogsy. So I though a quick blog to try it out.

10/10 so far.