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  • The Technology Guy 16:30 on November 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    #devlearn day two Curator? Or Superhero 

    Hi from Vegas day 2

    I spent the early bleary eye moments in Judy Brown’s Morning Buzz on Mobile.

    Great session and lots of conversations followed outside the room. Thank to all who approached me.

    Now in Keynote with Steven Rosenbaum.

    He says from the day of creation to 2003 we created collectively 5 exabytes of information. Today we create this every 2 days.

    He makes the point that the Internet is like delivering the whole menu in a restaurant.

    It will take 8 years to watch all the video uploaded to YouTube today!

    Too much noise to signal ratio. I agree!

    In the next 40 minutes he says he will make us all curators.

    Wow. Nigeria is third in top ten of Internet users. USA is 6th. ( no wonder so many Nigerian scams. Ed)

    He claims SEO is dead? He searched himself and one of the pictures was a dog.

    I did it just now too. OK he is right Google is not good at this I found lots of pics of me but one of a clown.

    He ran a search of. A pussy cat and a man. Go try it and look at the results. Very funny.

    New line is not Content is King but Curation is King.

    Take the volume of noise and turn it into clean sorted usable information. To do this you need to be a curator.

    If someone tells you about an article you never saw. Thank them for being a part of your network and curating for you.

    We all are publishers and share with our network.

    Maybe I am a curator as I am deciding what to publish in this blog. But I wanted to be a superhero not a curator.

    In a world where there is too much information we all need to be publishers. We need to use filters. Will you be filtered out? I hope not!

    Oops now he is onto a plug for his book Curation Nation.

    3 tools

    Digital Clothing.
    We get up and make a decision about the clothes we wear. This includes what he reads every day. Part of who you are. You make decision of what you tell the world. This is digital clothing.

    Gather organise and filter good stuff.
    Use google alerts to monitor what you want to know.

    Creation tools can empower teachers and students. Try out new tools and see what you like. Don’t feel obliged to know, experiment. If it does not feel good try something else.

    The curated voice is powerful. Super powerful.

    Define quality
    Context is key
    Well curated sites tells a story
    Have a theme and embrace it.

    Am I a curator yet? Maybe I was before I started but never knew the terminology.

    Thanks for some great info and some clarity to my own thoughts.

    The web is us.

    Still rather be the superhero.

    More as it happens.

  • The Technology Guy 22:18 on November 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    And the winner is… #devlearn 

    So i spent a long time since the last post mooching around the expo.

    I have to be honest, and I am sorry guys, but not a lot new stuff to see. Or maybe it’s new but not a lot that I want to use…

    Some though to note. Robert Gadd and OnPoint is working on Blackberry Playbook content, prety cool stuff as always.

    The orange shirts of the eLearning brothers caught my attention with some cool cut out people for powerpoint.

    And Neo Speech had an interesting voice to text utility.

    Of course the regulars are there, Articulate and Allen Interactions with new releases.

    The winner though for me is Bloomfire a cool SaaS service for Social Learning. I have an account so will let you know more in a future blog.

  • The Technology Guy 16:45 on November 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    DevLearn keynote with Michio Kaku 

    The future is around the corner

    A keynote with a difference. Blown away with his energy

    Nostradamus of the future of technology. With a great sense of humour.

    The future of technology with chips costing a penny by 2020, 10 years from now. Augmented reality in your contact lenses.

    Electronic wallpaper connected to the Internet which is like electricity. Just everywhere.

    3d with no glasses. Internet coming to your eye.

    Workstations that are just one big curved screen.

    Cars you don’t drive. They drive themselves.

    We will learn while our car drives us home.

    Clever talking toys. Smart Barbie dolls is a contradiction of terms but will exist.

    Diagnosis of medicine in your living room on your wallpaper.

    Expert systems using AI. Answer 99% of all questions.

    OMG. Colonoscopy by swallowing a capsule in your living room. Monitored on line by your wallpaper New meaning of Intel Inside!

    Nano technology to eat cancer cells using technology you swallow. Scanner built into your bathroom. Your toilet will tell you when you are sick.

    Remember the tricorder from Star Trek? MRI will be like the tricorder very soon. Already in test in Germany the size of a briefcase.

    Technology in your cell phone is more than NASA used to get to the moon.

    30 years in the future implants in the brain to control everything you do by thinking. Already being tested in Japan.

    Did you see Avatar? Will exist in 30-50 years with gene sequencing of the whole body costing $100. Cost today $100,000 to sequence 1 gene. An owners manual for your body.

    Cloning already in use for ears, noses and bones from your own cells. First windpipe last year. In 5 years growing a liver.

    The world will be revolutionised by Moores Law.

    Thank you for a fun and great insight of the future. It’s closer than you think.

  • The Technology Guy 15:15 on November 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Morning Buzz with Jane Bozarth 

    Great early session with Jane Bozarth.

    Social learning and how we use social.

    Be honest who you are.

    Own opinions only.

    What you say is permanent.

    Be ethical.

    Don’t try to ‘get’ them to use it.

    Let conversation happen.

    Use Wiki’s, Yammer, Facebook, Bloomfire.

    Don’t bolt the door.

    It can be a long process to set up

    You must have facilitator, moderator, gardener.

    What is our place in all of this? (Jane)

    We need to teach people how to teach.
    Need to be good facilitators.
    Senior leadership involved.
    Everyone should know your name.
    Tell your boss the hash tag

    Great session Jane. What a good start.

  • The Technology Guy 12:37 on November 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    1st night at DevLearn rocked 

    DevLearn starts for real this morning. Staged at the Aria in Las Vegas, thousands arrived yesterday ready for the big kick off this morning.

    Last night I was joined by many known names in the industry as we went out to eat. Aaron Silvers, Brian Dusablon, Alicia Sanchez, Ruben Tozman, Karen Burpee, Jeff Tillet, Koreen Olbrish, Kris Rockwell and twenty others crammed into a small area set aside in a pub for dinner.

    Then we had cameo entrances from Cammy Bean, Jane Hart, Clark Quinn, Jay Cross and many others as they arrived on site and passed by.

    It’s 5:30 am here and the tweets have already started. Fasten your seatbelt guys, the greatest show on earth is about to begin.

    More later as it happens.

    You can only imagine the noise level with 30 ‘speakers’ in one place.

  • The Technology Guy 00:07 on November 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Learning Guild does it in Style 

    The DevLearn 2011 is building as I write. Some pre conference workshops have run today.

    For us, we walked till we dropped and did the Vegas shopping route. Saw all the hotels, well not all but convince my feet we did not !

    The Aria, this is where DevLearn is happening is by far the biggest hotel, shopping mall and casino I have ever seen.

    Get jealous friends, we just got tickets for Rod Stewart for Thursday night at Caesars.

    More from the warm up tomorrow.


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