1st night at DevLearn rocked

DevLearn starts for real this morning. Staged at the Aria in Las Vegas, thousands arrived yesterday ready for the big kick off this morning.

Last night I was joined by many known names in the industry as we went out to eat. Aaron Silvers, Brian Dusablon, Alicia Sanchez, Ruben Tozman, Karen Burpee, Jeff Tillet, Koreen Olbrish, Kris Rockwell and twenty others crammed into a small area set aside in a pub for dinner.

Then we had cameo entrances from Cammy Bean, Jane Hart, Clark Quinn, Jay Cross and many others as they arrived on site and passed by.

It’s 5:30 am here and the tweets have already started. Fasten your seatbelt guys, the greatest show on earth is about to begin.

More later as it happens.

You can only imagine the noise level with 30 ‘speakers’ in one place.