A great day in London 

I have not blogged for ages. I think I realised SoMeFat got the better of me.

But the last few weeks have left me with lots to say.

Things like:

Why has it rained so much since they announced a drought in London?

If you have a box of bits and pieces and there is one left, is it a bit or a piece?

Why is there only one monopolies commission?

Has our solar system already begun colliding with andromeda? Anyone seen the sun recently?

All joking aside the contrast from last weekend on the Isle of White on my Yamaha, in tee shirt and leathers sweating buckets in 28 degrees watching the Old Gaffers parade of boats in Yarmouth, to yesterday on Tower Bridge watching the Queens Jubilee Floatilla in about 8 degrees and driving rain was huge.

What an atmosphere in London yesterday. Everyone was friendly, chatty, jovial. I hope this is what we will experience in just a few short weeks when the Olympics roll into town.

Now for two days holiday courtesy of our Queen. Thank You Ma’am.