Well it’s been two months since I blogged. Why? For the last two months I have been working on the London Olympics. Specifically I have been working contracted to LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) as a Field of Play Group Leader in the Modern Pentathlon team.

We delivered one hell of an amazing event, it was great over the last weekend of the games to get texts during the modern pentathlon to say, ‘just seen you on TV’. That was not the plan of course but some close friends and my kids were all watching carefully. During two months I created and read more spreadsheets that in the last 20 years, all for one weekend of sport!

It’s been some great highs and lows over the last two months, made some great friends and probably upset one or two along the way, oh well, those who know me know I don’t suffer fools lightly.

I have seen something first hand that I never expected and gained an experience like no other. For the last twenty years I have worked as a trainer delivering interventions both in the classroom and electronically to ‘fix’ many broken attitudes and skills. I have created some amazing events, (none quite the size of the Olympics) but during all that time I have always been on the outside looking in.

The last two months I have worked in a large team from the inside looking out. My experiences and what I have learned I will begin to write about over the next few weeks, but as a taster I can tell you I will be delivering team training in a different manner from today. Check out my new site http://www.neillasher.com

Tonight I meet with all the guys I worked with as TEV’s, training event volunteers for the team leaders of the London Olympics, we are working on collaborating for better team training in organisations.

Watch this space…….