Is Blackberry in with a chance for mLearning market #lscon


I have been watching closely for a while the story of RIM, now Blackberry.

Pundits have been quick to knock the recent advert in Super Bowl but maybe, just maybe Blackberry have got this right.

The King on the hill is Apple, without doubt, combine iPhone and iPad and it outstrips the nearest manufacturer competitor. However Android is winning the war slowly in many areas of the world from an OS perspective.

Saying that, at the recent LT13 exhibition there was not a single Android tablet on show. ( that I saw)

BETT was no different. I wonder what it was like in ASTD TechKnowledge?

Along comes Blackberry after a miserable few years on the back shelf and after a horrible PlayBook with what appears to be a very nice SmartPhone.

I was an avid Blackberry user till a few years ago, swapping as many did to iPhone. The upside was the fantastic tech and apps, the downside? I lost my keyboard. But have obviously got used to virtual. I am typing this from it. I still hate the way iPhone autocorrects. Or as I call it, unpredictive text. And I lost BBM. One other silly thing I loved and lost, the way the light blinks when there is a message.

So what has Blackberry done that makes me think the new Z10, pronounced zee ten, is going to make them a winner.

Well to start, price. It is cheaper than iPhone.

Then there is what Blackberry state as a magnificent, well designed and well thought out OS. It’s been a long time in the making, they know this is the only chance.

Then we are told that Blackberry 10 OS is the easiest to write for. This may be the key to success. Especially in the education or mLearning market.

So today for me starts a new era. My Z10 has just been delivered (No not giving up the iPhone quite yet). I will blog it as I find it over the next while and will start to create an App. See if I get further than the one I started with iPhone.

Info as I find it at neillasher