Nothing to say?

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say that stops me posting on my blog in recent months.  Its more of …  well I am busy!

I also read a great article about how you can spread yourself too thin, and you should focus on what you are doing. I agree.


So here I am preparing for mLearnCon next week and I am about to blog about the Docent program I have built for the conference.  Watch out for the next post today.

Is he really busy, I hear those cynical ones say?


Well I just had a daughter who got married three weeks ago

I became a granddaddy 15 weeks ago

I am working with two major clients on two really exciting projects (and loving it)

I launched a new series of workshops with Mike Hruska on xAPI in the USA

I am working with the LPI to bring my Instructional Design material to a certification module with the institute

The Learning Coach llp has had a facelift with some new LiveLine ™ modules


Am I busy? Do I have time to blog?