I am back….

Well, it’s been a long time since I regularly blogged.

This week has been a strange one. Seven years ago, almost to the day, I was headhunted into a three-month contract in the USA which turned into a full-time position. I gave up the position of Managing Partner at a training partnership and moved into the corporate world. Wow, have I learned a lot.

It’s been a roller coaster for the last seven years, however, this past Tuesday it all came to a crashing end when I was made redundant, not because of Covid-19, but due to a strangely timed reorganisation which saw 6% of the company out of a job.

To end this crazy week, I also woke up with an abscess on a tooth, it can only be onwards and upwards from here.

I have seven years of not blogging the fun side of learning to catch up. I look forward to reconnecting with you all.