Learning Styles for the modern learner 

I read a post on my Facebook that asked why were so many were mentioning their learning style on a CV here is my answer:

My old acquaintance Peter Honey and his partner Dr Alan Mumford came up with learning styles, 4 of them, many years ago. Peter retired on it!

Now what people miss today is that with the new innovation of
technology in learning those 4 basic styles of learning have expanded to so many different, varied and diverse styles which we all design for ourselves.

Therefore trying to cater for any and every known and unknown style is an impossibility. So we create generic to cope with all we know. To cope with more we are required to create learning containing many choices. From these choices people will choose their own path to suit their learning style ‘ in the moment’.

More important to me is a trainer’s ‘training style’ do you know yours?

Those who mention learning style on CV think they are being cool, showing something new. For me they are passé and in the past.