New slogans for eLearning 

Q. What is the difference between a consultant who is 18 years old and one who is 55?

A. The older consultant ‘probably’ has more experience.

Q. What is the difference between a consultant who charges £250/day and one who charges £1850/ day?

A. Probably going to get much better quality and experience at the higher price.

Q. Do you choose a product that just released? Or has been around for 10 years?

A. Often the one with the track record. You think it will work better and have less chance of going wrong.

Q. Would you pick up the box that contained instructions for use? Or the one that said no instructions included?

A. Be honest in your answer there. Even if you were not going to read the instructions, there is something comforting in knowing they exist.

None of the above were about eLearning.

In eLearning for some crazy reason we throw these rules out the window and caution to the wind.

Some want latest technology and untested.
Some want quick without regard of quality.
Some want cheap, without thought of cost effective.
Some don’t care if there are no rules or instructions for use (Twitter etc)
Some want ‘sexy’ because the young consultant made it sound great , and it looks fab in the brochure, and look how fast he used it. ‘They even won a shoot out you know’

But if course I am not talking about you. Am I?

New slogans. Actually old slogans. Apply to eLearning purchases.

Try before you buy
Think before you cross
Watch out, there is a thief about