I am sure I will get into trouble for this…. 

No words really needed.

For some time the flow of emails from offshore companies (offshore is a great term here, how far do they have to be before offshore becomes other side of the world?) had slowed to a trickle. Then our very own Mr Cameron took his high power delegation to inja and once again the emails have started. How many of these companies can there be?

I received emails this week from a number of different companies in India offering services, the first email told me they wished to talk of their enchanting gamut of services. I almost booked the call just to understand what it was they had to offer, really an exciting gamut of services, what does that actually mean I wonder? Then the attached picture arrived!

Another told me they ‘gad great quatity’ in their service. Their quatity was so good they even spelled india without the capital I.

The list of well know elearning companies they claim to be using their services gives great cause for concern. Ask your vendor if they are outsourcing, if they are ask what they are doing to check the quatity.

Then call me. Great week of funny blogs….