Conversation as a way of learning 

If you like me are on your way to Orlando for #LSCon, then you may want to look up my session 513 on Conversational Learning.

For someone to learn there has to be a behaviour change or a new behaviour to be learned (Freud and Yeun). Social media tools are not all cutting it to deliver the correct level of conversation to make these changes. They are merely a carrier for information. How can we change this?

This session will explore what a conversation is, how we learn from it, the four dimensions of the way we use conversation in learning and some example of a real live conversation inside an electronic learning course using IVR systems from Phone2Know,

Come and find out what we need to do to get conversation back on the table and let’s stop fooling ourselves that all social media tools are a way of learning.

Come to session 513, let’s talk!